Mobile Home

Forty-five pounds

I carry with me

The climb



This is everything


Crisp air creeping up the gaps in my sleeves

Tossing my hair in frenzy

Dilated eyes


Sun bleeding through the yellow mesh of the tent

Like the cracks on my hands

Blistered feet

Swollen calves

All irrelevant

Nothing can touch me out here

I am free


Each day brings new weather


A longing for more

I need no one

No help

No human life around for miles


The exception:


Crossing paths with a beautiful adventure seeker

Sharing the same craving

We will sit by a fire and enjoy the company of strangers

Exchanging stories of our many travels


Then part ways

With the sure probability of never seeing one another again

Something both of us are completely content with

Forever grateful for the temporary company


This is the great outdoors

Nothing less

Always more.


– Breelyn Shelkey


Havasupai Falls, AZ



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