Sand sifting through fingers  droplets rolling down arms Is it chills from cold water? or the surreal feeling of being home with free time Kissing Grammy’s flushed cheek  Silk Smelling of sweet cream and lemongrass We are a team faced up against what seems like  the impossible jigsaw  1,000 pieces, one always missing Eyes meet …

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I Forgot How the World Broke in the First Place

Fractured light Ambient rays Everything can change in a flash And it’ll never be up to you Thinking you control moves in treacherous games Rolling the dice on life gambling your time Years of clouded vision Infinitesimal infatuations Fluctuating futures Stripped of treasures Jerked to rocky bottoms   Beautiful mind Serene soul Metamorphic abilities to …

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Sometimes I’m consumed by these urges I want to sprint headfirst and plow into city buildings tipping skyscrapers like dominos crumbling them to ground zero I want to clear the rubble and lay in the land that was there first Nice old-fashioned organic dirt bath coating skin tan with earth   I’m not saying I’m …

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Feeding Forests

Labored your whole life then pushed harder The world shifts in beautiful ways A budding flower vibrantly blooming aqua and violet gold dusted boysenberry veins shimmering, scattered, healthy, strong Climaxed at what seems like your full potential Darling, you have so much more left further to trek on your ascent to the summit This time, …

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Don’t Blink

And just like that it’s over Relationships, Grief, Vacations, Birthdays Suddenly time caught up Years whizzed by But there is always an in-between A breath, release in transitions Sweet spots arousing taste buds dying to be savored   - Breelyn Shelkey