Route 91 – Las Vegas, NV

It has taken me nearly two years to write three stanzas about an event that changed thousands of lives, including mine and my loved ones, forever. This is Las Vegas, Nevada, and this is our home.   Overhauling All We've Known False fireworks Spraying ricocheting lead Stealing lives on a flawless Vegas summer night   …

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Chain Reaction

Pinpoint your freedoms Pure releases dropkicking masses off fatigued shoulders Let them nurture you Bloom an inner peace so prevailing it illuminates outward leaving a permanent glow on dull humanities rippling through glassy waters positively charging daily contacts A sole moment shifting forever’s   - Breelyn Shelkey


Beckoning floating carousels Beaming painted cracked faces saluting all aboard “Tell us something, anything”   Neighbors for a week, dynasty Gifting daily Neon mesh swallows air Technicolor tabloid squares Pastels shielding faces   Plunging into turquoise Jell-O Pushing hands through millions of molecules Destination Champagne Dock Pirate artiste taking hands   Let the sun lick …

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Sliding glass door open wide Wind tickles leaves, they whisper us Dusk Pinot Noir legs dance on crystal Heels pirouetting on cream tile Childish with laughter, stupid in love A world cloaked in gold shimmer   Sunrises carry new adventures Roasted coffee amplifying pupils Apricot stained sandstone A gentle squeeze draws browns to blues The …

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