Intimacies never put on paper

Words Not just any, they must hold weight Thought out, prudently placed pulsating energy head to toe Not easily executed Not always received  but I will not settle for anything less I love words, being moved by another’s, a miracle by chance Writing Giving my time, dedicated to a 6am rise  where the mind is …

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Dad teaches son  how to prepare a raw chicken for dinner  The same one raised on their land The same one he used to chase around wired fencing A young man flirts with a young lady  as he helps her of the bus Magic seconds only they share  A community clears a field of fallen …

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She is evergreen A Ponderosa Pine arching over the Deschutes River cool water lapping toes She is an unfathomable height rooted but swaying Brushing surrounding saplings whispering her presence She is free Embraced by wind fertilizing land  Helping others sprout new life She is the queen nurturer in a forest of struggling humanities  Forever giving …

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