The Light Stays Red for Thirty Days

I know you’re terrified People scared of people Eyes meet eyes with worry Countries forced to rest While the world resets   You were moving far too fast anyways So, this is it Time The break we didn’t know we needed What will you do with it?   Does the dusty beckoning book ever get …

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We have allowed countless minutes hours sections of days slip away to underserving miniscule irritants.   What are these silly little occurrences stealing smiles? How do they hold this much power over our lives?   Breathe in Let it all go one exhale Take the wheel straighten out hit the gas see it fade in …

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Travel Poetry: New (York) City Feel

Past Denver resident, the buildings are tall but limited. Recent Los Angeles resident, the buildings are big and crowded. Current Las Vegas resident, the buildings are bold and bright. Visiting New York, the buildings are Monstrous Gorgeous Ancient Towering They make me feel Miniscule Invisible Tiny A scream would produce silence This city swallows voices …

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