I’ve read a billion uniform recommendations

Arrangements of words to inspire

all attempting to utter the same prophecy

Today is a new day, give it everything you’ve got

I chose to put the book down

change what I disliked about my life

left stagnant relationships

and pursued all that frightened me


Unhappiness is temporary

Only you allow it to continue

Everything can change in an instant

It can




and bloom into something beautiful


You have to chase after it


leap out of bed

Quit the job, take the trip

Make every vital move


all you desire in life

No apologies


Try everything electrifying

Don’t dwell on the scary

Accept possibilities of failure

Take good and bad humbly

Always grow

Never stop moving

forward – up – to the sides

Back stepping is nonexistent


The world can be terrifying

or it is just a massive ball of space

allowing freedom to roam

ever changing sceneries

infinite opportunities

Today you’re at the starting line

and the only one stopping you

is you


– Breelyn Shelkey


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