Route 91 Harvest Festival

With a free wristband, it was a rare occurrence that I didn’t attend the festival that Sunday. Dozens of my friends spirits are darkened, and they are still trying to find themselves and their way in life. My city still mourns, and there is no street or spot in town that feels the same.

There were 22,000 people there, fifty-eight never made it home, and over 500 were injured. Everyone is still recovering mentally and some physically. People came from all over the world for a beautiful weekend under the stars, sharing this love for country music, and they left scarred for life. The one’s that were fortunate to return home are struggling daily to see the light. There is no way one person can crush the dreams of thousands, so we must not let them.

Be kind to everyone around you, because you never know the daily battles they are fighting. Love always wins. Choose love.


People are beautiful

give them a chance.

Not everyone is out to get you

Strangers bring light into the darkest places





Keep a tight grip on childish emotions.

Stay excited

Fuel the fire





Plunge into love.

Spoil your dreams

Seek out the good in people





Fiction is fraud

grass is green

The cup is full





We are exactly where we are meant to be.

Triple take,

breathe every second

of every twinkling.

The stars fasten as the world falls apart.


– Breelyn Shelkey




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