Calm After the Storm


The first rainfall cleanses,

bringing drowsiness.

Following showers grow

the land gives thanks.

Continued storms flood

flashfloods kill.


This is not the slippery slope I was taught in school.


One thing should not lead to death.

This is the cause and effect of nature

at its best.

The unpredictability of something beautiful

or treacherous.

It should be praised while feared.


Our story was quite different.


You don’t get to come in and rain down on my life

if you are not helping me grow.

There are a billion different versions of an umbrella

floating surfaces to climb upon

to save myself.

You don’t get to flood futures, kill dreams.


The rainbow always comes.


It arches across damp blue skies

each ribbon of color overlapping the other

connecting country to city

people to people.

They stop their cars on sides of roads

strangers, together in awe.


My skies are blue. Not a cloud for miles.


– Breelyn Shelkey


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