Oregon Eclipse

The Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon was beautiful, full of creative sculptures made from nature, endless activities, diverse music, and genuine good hearted people. Witnessing a complete solar eclipse was no doubt the highlight of the trip and was both rewarding and overwhelming. At 10:30 in the morning these massive planets embraced one another, and covered the land with a sheet of darkness. This eerie feeling crept over me, with the complete realization of how minuscule I was. It drastically dropped in temperature and the cheering grew louder with every inch. When it hit totality, the chill that filled the air was replaced with silence. For a little over a minute it was just me, the sun, and the moon, and it was as if I had floated up there perfectly in line with them. The corona was the brightest purest ring of light I have ever seen. This sensory overload caused my eyes to tear up, but I was smiling as I completely surrendered to the experience.

When I watched the recap video it was completely different than what I had experienced. The cheering never stopped, and actually grew louder as it hit totality and continued to increase throughout the duration of the eclipse.  I must have blocked them out, blocked everything out but what I was seeing.  I completely isolated myself in the moment, and I will forever remember the connection I had with the movement of the planets.

Big Summit Prairie

Picturesque figures suspended between trees

Flipping, bouncing

Focused, balancing

Tiny multicolored houses

mystically themed spaces

Chimes become trancelike

seducing minds toward wild dimensions


Veiled fortress, warped mural

swing set made for two

Rainbow stretched a mile

across water

rippling on a field

vanished upon arrival

Did you see that?


Our wonderland

fiction was reality cupped in our hands

free prairie of possibilities

Scattered hammocks

Dream world, real world, no distinction

Wedding dress dream catchers

Rain pours, Pu-erh steeps


Wooden pastel teepees

clanking metal scraps

mirroring a setting sun

Purple, lime green pirouetting sticks

black back drop stage of night

Twirling flames glowing widened eyes

Morphing pixel bubbles


You chase after me

off the beaten path, a doorway

echoing I Wanna Dance

mirrors, fog, and disco balls

Beams of light twirl with a pigtailed girl

an opportunity presents itself

Do you dance?


Naked strangers bathing

Forgotten rafts, leach infested waters

Rotating gazebos

Fickle dust storms

twirled multicolored scarfs

parachuted patterned garments

Crystals guide us home


Piano man plays a light show

Arc on stilts

Bicycle taxis

Glowing treetop branches, LED veins

Big tops and yoga mats

A pentagon of doors

Where do they lead?


Sea of stars

glimmering like diamonds

revealing sacred geometry

Humbled, our grasp tightens

Planets align

Pure love illuminates



– Breelyn Shelkey

Oregon music festival


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