My Life Before Doing “What I Want to do Every Day…”

I have been a living in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past three years, attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas as a full time student and bartending at Wolfgang Puck. During my residency here I have cycled all over town and done my best to escape the city and take advantage of the beautiful surrounding areas.  I hiked every trail in Red Rock Canyon, summited Mount Charleston twice, visited Zion National Park, Fish Lake National Park, Arches National Park, Coral Reef National Park, and Valley of Fire State Park.  With the longer breaks in between semesters, I traveled to Oregon, Mammoth Lakes, Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (the majority with my Mama).  However, these trips have been limited and cut short with the restraint of school, but all that ends December 19, 2017 when I graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Creative Writing (with Honors).  My graduation gift to myself is a three week trip to Bali, Indonesia with my brother, and a two week trip to New York City.  I will then be venturing across the states hitting the majority, if not all, of the national parks and grabbing backpacking wilderness passes when available.  I am a poet and a vivid dreamer, which will be incorporated into this blog: Travel/Dreams/Poetry.  Let the exploring begin…

Here are a few photos from the many adventures I’ve had while in school:





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