Evaporations at 17,000 Ft

I trekked miles, exceeded elevations

to get high enough to hear myself think

without the clutter

daily interruptions

To look at one thing

see it for its true self

purest form


Mountains stained orange

defined rusty veins

Breath lingers each exhale

Smoke  dances from scattered cabins

I wonder how they live

If their lives are as peaceful as mine

in this moment


I imagine they wake up

sun creeping in split drapes

soft creaks of earth shifting beneath oak

I imagine they say good morning to the saplings

that smile swaying

I imagine there is only sound of the fire crackling

a pot of tea whistling


What I imagine is a want for myself


But a cabin in the woods cannot stop wandering minds

blurring beautiful forests

into solid green backdrops

I ascended 17,000 feet

to meet my clearest self


– Breelyn Shelkey


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