Total cloud cover 

no sense of direction

150 tons of steel 

dropping ten feet at a time 

Wild whiteout  

feeling as if the plane is rotating backwards

Gripping arm rests 

speeding on sky’s choppy waters 

anticipating getting thrown overboard 

Eventually spit out 

into clear blues 

smooth sailing over a never-ending sea of cotton balls 

The descent

There’s just something lovely about stretches of land 

Untouched rolling hills 

making a woman lonesome 

to be a little Colorado girl again

Teasing crawdads, playing with snakes, catching insects 

always releasing, unharmed 

Admiring wildlife, laying in tall grass

watching planes cut through clouds

Time progressed slower then

Permanent mental photographs 

accessible in the wandering mind 

I choose the clear starry nights 

without the glare of city lights 



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