The ability to situate a certain emotion

a moment

into words.

To verbally grasp what seems indefinable


How hard it is to be confined

to such a strict word box

when trying to illuminate feelings


human interactions

that far exceed the language barrier.


The poet is the conductor

bringing forth a symphony of explosions.

Giving release to catastrophic


guarded emotions.

A musician

tugging and tearing on hearts resounding strings

leaving an encore of wide eyes.


resurrecting words.

The reader only dreams

the dangers of this power


The ability to force the eyes to jump back

line after line

stanza after stanza

in an attempt to better grasp what was read

the first


third time around.

It was crystal clear the very first time.

Words organized and placed perfectly

it seems foreign

to the bland

trained eye.


The gift.

May the words of the poet continue to give

to the peculiar

vast world of feelings,

those that you could not explain yourself.


– Breelyn Shelkey


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