Travel Stories: Burning Man 2019 ~ Metamorphosis

Four failed attempts to attend and the fifth year set itself up with little to no effort - friends found the ticket, gifted camping, and arranged carpool. I drove seven hours straight, traded spots, fell asleep, and woke up at 4am at the entrance into The Playa. The dust was surprisingly soft as I laid …

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Chain Reaction

Pinpoint your freedoms Pure releases dropkicking masses off fatigued shoulders Let them nurture you Bloom an inner peace so prevailing it illuminates outward leaving a permanent glow on dull humanities rippling through glassy waters positively charging daily contacts A sole moment shifting forever’s   - Breelyn Shelkey


Sliding glass door open wide Wind tickles leaves, they whisper us Dusk Pinot Noir legs dance on crystal Heels pirouetting on cream tile Childish with laughter, stupid in love A world cloaked in gold shimmer   Sunrises carry new adventures Roasted coffee amplifying pupils Apricot stained sandstone A gentle squeeze draws browns to blues The …

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Family Each unique challenging one of a kind affiliate Requesting precise attention without verbalizing Unusual love Reciprocating inversely   The trick: Finding the balance What does each require from you? What can be contributed to their success and wellbeing? What can be achieved together?   Blood linked varying versions Kindled offspring beautifully offset obliviously lucky …

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We have allowed countless minutes hours sections of days slip away to underserving miniscule irritants.   What are these silly little occurrences stealing smiles? How do they hold this much power over our lives?   Breathe in Let it all go one exhale Take the wheel straighten out hit the gas see it fade in …

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