Dad teaches son 

how to prepare a raw chicken for dinner 

The same one raised on their land

The same one he used to chase around wired fencing

A young man flirts with a young lady 

as he helps her of the bus

Magic seconds only they share 

A community clears a field of fallen trees

They exchange laughs



Three older gentlemen tell stories 

around a small wooden table 

Victoria cervezas and Tlayudas

Mother and daughter 

string wet clothes on wire

A boy dribbles circles around his little brother 

a soccer ball on cracked concrete

Life continues for lives not lost

This village is in ruins 

Palm trees missing limbs, blown over

What used to be stable house walls

crumbled, leaning against one another

Yet laughter is heard in the distance 

You can smell house made tortillas 

clay ovens 


The beautiful beach town rebuilds 

Rebuilds stronger to see tomorrows 

Rebuilds for their children 

and their children 

generations to come 

all knowing 

this moment will be shared 

around a small wooden table 

with cervezas


and house made tortillas 

for lifetimes



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