It’s Never Just a Bump in the Night

This one dropped me

3 feet from memory foam

onto a red shaggy rug


viscous panting


temporarily shattered

Wide awake

counting specks on ceilings

Why am I the homicide in my dreams?


I closed my eyes

and sketched you in my mind

Each cocoa brown wavy hair

dominant bone structure

satisfyingly full beard

curve of your chin

warm soft pastel lips

glitter in coffee eyes

Every beautiful detail

and you were with me


Mental canvases could not hold you

Twisting watercolors, rippling through me

We danced

floating across crystal frozen lakes

gliding back to chest

breathing synchronized

The mere thought of you

caressed me back to sleep

blooming daisies

in the darkest pits of distorted dreams


– Breelyn Shelkey


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