A Day in Downtown

I rode my bike downtown

to a book convention today

Ideal fall weather

faintly breezy, lenticular clouds

A Spanish infused live poetry reading

black wavy hair and red cracked lips

shared a progression of life

Struggles, love lost, displeasures, evolving

How one can return to the same place

and experience it twenty different ways

To discover yourself refined

New understandings of places in life

Verses drifting like smoke inhaled by listeners

I purchased Street Art of Las Vegas

and thought of you


The Ferguson houses

twisted stacked balancing

cobalt blue and silver big rig trucks

Neon elastic rainbow string art instillation

Arched doorways with antique wood fixtures

Pixeled windows reflecting pastels

Cold cement layered theater seating

A dirt path waving through fresh green grass

I stumbled upon Mothership coffee Roasters

settled in and got lost in my head

Assam black tea fog with oat milk

silky smooth exquisiteness

A solitary moment in time

pleasantly beautiful

I closed my eyes and wished you here


– Breelyn Shelkey


2 thoughts on “A Day in Downtown

  1. Cintia Detre

    Thanks so much for this amazing, refreshing piece Breelyn, I could breathe in the essence of downtown vibes without having to leave my hermet-pod in the woods. Such a gift!

    Liked by 1 person

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