I Forgot How the World Broke in the First Place

Fractured light

Ambient rays

Everything can change in a flash

And it’ll never be up to you

Thinking you control moves

in treacherous games

Rolling the dice on life

gambling your time

Years of clouded vision

Infinitesimal infatuations

Fluctuating futures

Stripped of treasures

Jerked to rocky bottoms


Beautiful mind

Serene soul

Metamorphic abilities

to overcome the cruelest trials

fatal to others

You Are Resilient

The comeback will be fierce

and you will grow, learn

Rebuild a life

with concrete foundations

Focus on futures brighter

than what you see now

Galaxies seldom glow as iridescent as you

– Breelyn Shelkey


2 thoughts on “I Forgot How the World Broke in the First Place

  1. Cintia Detre

    I just love how we sail the similar cosmic tides and waves of the poetic oceans, let me share with you how this glorious messy game appears from my boat:

    The find refined

    I had searched at the most bizarre of places
    Behind moldy doors and delicate light laces
    I perceived the call, to cunning traps I fall
    Terrifying pleasures
    Otherworldly treasures
    Lead me astray numerous times
    To comprehend the magical rhymes
    Etheric senses learn to grasp
    Apparent idols go to rest

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