Sometimes I’m consumed by these urges

I want to sprint headfirst

and plow into city buildings

tipping skyscrapers like dominos

crumbling them to ground zero

I want to clear the rubble

and lay in the land

that was there first

Nice old-fashioned organic dirt bath

coating skin tan with earth


I’m not saying I’m not happy

with humanity’s progress

or unimpressed

by continual technological advances

All I’m saying is

nature has the power to mend

the deepest wounds

cradle the fiercest anxieties to rest

and center you from the inside out

Sleep with tall grass, awake replenished


– Breelyn Shelkey


2 thoughts on “Rooted

  1. Cintia Detre

    Ahhh, such a splendor, thank you for the vivid experience!

    Inspired by the energies, here comes:

    Green Celebration

    Moss grew on my heart
    Reclaimed by the hoary utterance
    Lichens liken our cosmic art
    Expressed in communal occurrence

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