Feeding Forests

Labored your whole life

then pushed harder

The world shifts in beautiful ways

A budding flower

vibrantly blooming aqua and violet

gold dusted boysenberry veins

shimmering, scattered, healthy, strong

Climaxed at what seems like your full potential


you have so much more left

further to trek on your ascent to the summit

This time, go whole heart

all loved up in ambition

Spark good news like wildfire

illuminating all who come in contact with you

gifting hope to plunge forward and battle

for goals that before seemed unobtainable


So today let’s own it

Chin up, shoulders back

Let confidence settle in

and perseverance consume worries

Congratulate yourself

because you did it

all alone, strong as hell

Apply that brighter shade of red

on grinning lips in reflecting mirrors

Laced in silver linings

dominating worlds

No challenge too large

no task too small

Focus seeping into the next day

nurturing futures

A plush rainforest with the healthiest greeneries

stretching planets wide


– Breelyn Shelkey


2 thoughts on “Feeding Forests

  1. Cintia Detre

    Thanks so much, how lively, how wonderful!!

    Let me share with you my composition for the day as a poetic correspondence of ours:

    Shifting Perception

    Subtle senses form the formless
    Per picturesque world of visions
    As fanciful figures advance the trip
    Vehemently violent vicious beliefs
    Melting into luscious joy
    For tangible tales unfold


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