Route 91 Harvest Tribute

Remembering the 58 who lost their lives.

Everything is still changing – We live in a city that continues to help each other, we love harder, we are more aware, more eager to help, and we have a sense of community that was never there before. This is Las Vegas and this is our home.

The first poem, “Sanguine”, is the one I stayed home to write Sunday night 10/1/2017 instead of attending Route 91 with a free wristband.
💙 It has since been my tribute to the survivors 💙


People are beautiful

give them a chance.

Not everyone is out to get you

Strangers bring light into the darkest places



Keep a tight grip on childish emotions.

Stay excited

Fuel the fire



Plunge into love.

Spoil your dreams

Seek out the good in people



Fiction is fraud

grass is green

The cup is full



We are exactly where we are meant to be.

Triple take,

breathe every second

of every twinkling.

The stars fasten as the world falls apart.


The second poem, “Overhauling All We’ve Known”, took me nearly two years to write those three stanzas about an event that changed thousands of lives, including mine and my loved ones, forever. This is Las Vegas, Nevada, and this is our home.

Overhauling All We’ve Known

False fireworks

Spraying ricocheting lead

Stealing lives

on a flawless Vegas summer night


Burly men with shirts off

Plaid tourniquets

Cries for help left behind

Painful guilt traumatizing futures


Liters of gifted blood

Strangers embracing strangers

Unfathomable disaster

Embroidering hearts, wrenching a city together


– Breelyn Shelkey


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