Powdered Visualizations

Caked in alkaline

Dust in peculiar places

Neon bleeds

tangerines kisses

Suspended bouncy merry go round

Seize a garment if you can

Disco roller rink, electric lemonade

Big rig hammock

pumping ten

Enclosed trampoline realm

Metal lustrous structures

Finicky steps to summit

Lone escapades

learning to say ‘yes’

Sip the Playa’s decadent nectar

Surrender to the magic

waiting beyond whiteouts


– Breelyn Shelkey


2 thoughts on “Powdered Visualizations

  1. Soul Encounter (a poem inspired by Yours)

    Emerging from the Random Realms
    Vivid voice wills visual wealth
    Her picturesque presence graciously tells
    Shared passion rings freaky spontaneous bells

    Dusty vile stories enchanted by chance
    Artistic expressions swarm in a dance
    Abandoned and lost poise blown to the fence
    Ash of the old self covers the lens

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