Route 91 – Las Vegas, NV

It has taken me nearly two years to write three stanzas about an event that changed thousands of lives, including mine and my loved ones, forever.

This is Las Vegas, Nevada, and this is our home.


Overhauling All We’ve Known

False fireworks

Spraying ricocheting lead

Stealing lives

on a flawless Vegas summer night


Burly men with shirts off

Plaid tourniquets

Cries for help left behind

Painful guilt traumatizing futures


Liters of gifted blood

Strangers embracing strangers

Unfathomable disaster

Embroidering hearts, wrenching a city together


– Breelyn Shelkey


4 thoughts on “Route 91 – Las Vegas, NV

  1. Megan Jones

    This brought me back to the moments when I was leaving the festival grounds after the shooting… I could not figure out why all the men had no shirts on, then I realized where their shirts were. I’ll never forget that moment, it was the moment I knew I could no longer fool myself into believing nothing bad had happened. Thank you, your words are moving.

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