Beckoning floating carousels

Beaming painted

cracked faces

saluting all aboard

“Tell us something, anything”


Neighbors for a week, dynasty

Gifting daily

Neon mesh swallows air

Technicolor tabloid squares

Pastels shielding faces


Plunging into turquoise Jell-O

Pushing hands

through millions of molecules

Destination Champagne Dock

Pirate artiste taking hands


Let the sun

lick every droplet

off chilled rosy skin

Test your balance between trees

Waltzing big top, peaking curiosity


Hover DeLorean stealing glances

Mounting pink sprinkle donuts

Mirrored swaying pyramid

Masterpieces morphing, colors milking colors



Woodward veiled tangerine

Dappled dancing everglades

Tender breezes seducing sultry figures

Grass blades tickle, electric

Airwaves serenading souls tranquil


Kaleidoscopic tunnels to other dimensions

Rotating canvas

Breathing watercolors

Fingers in earth, toes in water

Rising sun, gold n’ glitter


Green metallic liquid

Sipping silk,reviving

Lying beneath trees

All we ever wanted

was everything


– Breelyn Shelkey




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