Each unique


one of a kind


Requesting precise attention

without verbalizing

Unusual love

Reciprocating inversely


The trick:

Finding the balance

What does each require

from you?

What can be contributed

to their success

and wellbeing?

What can be achieved



Blood linked

varying versions

Kindled offspring

beautifully offset

obliviously lucky

to label an exclusive group


Magnifying those relationships

Igniting life


Crystals shatter

bloodying bottoms of feet

Oak finished masterpieces

left out to splinter

pricking fingertips

Detrimental disputes

Premature pardons

Leaving loved ones

roaming detached



Toiled over disparities

Honestly forgave

Inseparably intertwined


lengthier late-night talks

Freeing futures

Failure unacceptable

Plan B nonexistent


– Breelyn Shelkey



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