up in the air

Commonplace events

can be unnerving

if not practiced

on a regular basis

I have found flying

to be one of those things


Over thirty thousand feet up

A gut-wrenching realization

squeezes the wind out of me

dazed and dizzy

Surrounding mumbling passengers

comfortably unaffected


Every takeoff

of every gapped trip

postponed vacations

feels like flying

for first time

Atypical anxiety


Leveling out

Seatbelt sign off

Rushing exhale

A knotted stomach

unravels itself

in the smoothest fashion


Turbulence can be detrimental in relationships


a clear understanding of one’s being


Dipping and diving

Cruising over oceans


What a surreal feeling

never growing familiar

with being airborne

Feeling luxurious in economy seating

To travel always for pleasure

never for business


The majority of the world

never leaves countries

cities or homes

Isolated from blooming

transitioning into anything

but what has always been


Refreshed return

Unable to appropriately

depict the indescribable

Coastal seasoning

raining watercolors

on daily routines



Addicted to the voyage

Sweetly sparked

Flickering in pupils

Embraced by metallic blue

Stealing second glances


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