6/12 – Heart Transplant

In a foreign country and in need of an immediate heart transplant. They were terrifyingly barbaric in their third world medical practices. The process consisted of taking the heart out of the patients mouth and swallowing, or the ‘doctors’ forcing, the new one down until it set into place. This all takes place while the patient is wide awake and not sedated. I could feel this mass making its way down my throat, and I was unable to breathe for a solid three minutes. Then finally found myself choking on the tubes before it was in place and I gasped for air.

No one spoke English and I did not speak their language, so they simply released me with a wave of their hand. I spent the following days questioning how I was alive and wondering if I was going to survive or if it was going to fail at any second. I was timid and scared to make any sudden movements, completely restricting my life and leaving me forever horrified.

Then I woke up, placing both hands on my chest, and feeling my own heart beating a little faster than usual; overwhelming motivation to get out of bed. Today is already off to the best possible start.


– Breelyn Shelkey’s Diary of Dreams


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