Wishing on Worlds

There is a world

People aware

of surroundings

Acknowledging strangers

Discussing dreams

Altering attitudes

Preserving peace


There is a world

cared by all

No laws

No rules

No need for regulations


genuine reciprocity


There is a world

it could be ours

But our world

survived through screens

has this false mentality

the World Wide Web

is alive


It is simply a processor

nothing more

It will not take action

It will not clean the environment

It will not care for those in need

It will not heal a sick family member

It will not console you after a death


There is a world

it is ours

The online world

where people exist

never as their true selves

Fifty filters

altering appearances




Facebook “friends”

Tapping twice





This is our world

our people


logging in

and still

the greatest mystery of all…

teaching them


to log out.




– Breelyn Shelkey


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