Words for the Taking

“Oh wow you write poetry?!”


What do they imagine we do?

Can they even begin to grasp

this free-for-all?

Do they know what

complete vulnerability

feels like?

Our words are our own

and whom we choose to share them with

is usually up to us

Unless you write poetry.


Precise crafted verses

thrown out there

Flesh ripped off

Insides revealed

Emotions spread

for readers to do as they please

Permanent release

Tattooed white space

Only if,

You write poetry.


Fingers crossed

they take a little something from it

even if it’s only a dash

of what you put in

These words are yours

but they are theirs

and every once in a while

someone gets more

than they bargained for

When you write poetry.


A flip of the page

Ripple effect

Widening eyes

Fluttering pulses

Freeing forgotten feelings

Surreal sensations

Rushing realizations

Altering analogies

Hemming hearts

Because you write poetry.


– Breelyn Shelkey


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