New Age Romantics

Where did I find you?

Paranormal powers

Flipping tails on my worst days

Melting every nerve

Just the tip of the iceberg

A winter wonderland lies below


Kisses on the back of the neck

Rescued from nights terrors

Sea of white

Smile creeping

Sun spying through blinds

Am I still dreaming?


Breakfast at 4am

Comfortably wild

Keep a straight face

I dare you

Belly aches

Pleading for pauses


All I ever wanted

Was everything

You’ve outdone yourself

Crystal glass, brimful

Dance with me

Twirled dizzy


New world


I can hear the love so loud

Echoed in every shadow

I breathe you in

Exhaling glitter


We are exposed

Fearless flaws

A rarity in itself

When I’m with you

I can only be



– Breelyn Shelkey


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