The wealthiest people in the world are the loneliest

Do not be rich in money

For money gives no love in return

Money is for the materialist

And the materialist has no love for others


So be rich in in love

For love has the power to move planets

To flip your world upside down

Inside out

And land you right side up


Be rich in kindness

For kindness saves lives

Mutually rewarding

Simplicity at its finest

Always paid forward


Be rich in generosity

For generosity never goes unnoticed

It is doing for someone what they could not do for themselves

The ultimate gift

Appreciated beyond words


And finally, be rich in selflessness

For selflessness is not just putting others first

It is loving others more than yourself

Putting you last

It is unforgettable


Be rich in all these things

Worth more than money can buy

They live long after the material world dies

It is your legacy, your contribution to creating a society that cares for others

An unfathomable dream.


– Breelyn Shelkey


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