Imagine That

Write down your dreams

All of them

The near death experiences

The beautiful ones





Even the heart shattering ones


Write. Them. Down.


Nine times out of ten

Your dreams and reality

Never match up

But every once in a while

You experience this familiarity

Déjà vu

You’ve breathed this exact moment

In a past life

Or was it in your dreams?


Write. Them. Down.


Living your dreams in reality

Disturbing or magic

It depends on the dream

If you remember it

But in real life

Invisible water doesn’t slow a punch

Reaction times have extra leeway

It’ll be longer than fifteen minutes

But there’s no waking up


Write. Them. Down.


I wish my dreams on no one

I’ve died too many times

Awake bawling

Hunted by animals and assassins

The terrifying ones are customary

The distorted ones are pleasant

I flew once in Colorado

Around my elementary school playground

Then fell upwards into this dark abyss


And I still


Write. Them. All. Down.



– Breelyn Shelkey


One thought on “Imagine That

  1. Rhonda Wikert Hoag

    It’s fun to share dreams if you can remember them. I think we all do the impossible, that’s why we call them dreams. We all fly, or breath under water or become heroes……

    Liked by 1 person

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