Flashing Moments

Spontaneous dances in the rain

Electricity from a first kiss

Lying in grass playing with cloud formations

Hugging a best friend after months that felt like years


Reaching a mountain’s summit, above the chaos

Day naps, not a care in the world

6am winter bicycle rides, cold air stinging my lungs

Cutting open a perfectly ripe avocado


Serene plane flight home, post vacation

Grammy’s eyes and arms wide as I walk in the door

Small army of flames dancing on a birthday cake

Giving a 2-week notice to a dreadful job


First of the morning, smelling coffee and bacon

The satisfying soreness from a successful workout

Two-lane highway flight, windows down, music up

Tears of joy, rare sensation


Hysterical laughter gasping for air

First ride on the slopes, fresh powder

Flavor of love in a home cooked meal

Hard work paid off


Mom’s echoing scream in passenger pickup

Fizzle and crack of a soda can opening

Sweet addiction to a new hobby

Neon purple and pink flowers, blooming cacti


The mental reset of a near death experience

Early morning fog lingering in Southern California

Candle lit room, lounge seating

First sip of a well-balanced cocktail, spirit forward


Your dog’s same ecstatic reaction welcoming you home

Letting the mind wander freely

Countless watched sunsets, no two the same

“I am so proud of you” – any family member, ever.



So many blurred moments, missed opportunities

Refuse to let another pass without being acknowledged

Make a point to be aware

Beautiful occurrences never last long enough.


– Breelyn Shelkey


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