People can only take so much

Only have so much to give

They have their limits

You are not worth breaking routine

You are not worth change


That conversation in the coffee shop on the corner

Didn’t affect them at all

You never fit into their day for one second

So don’t think you’re different

That somehow someone saw something special


Now what you just read is complete and utter bullshit


You are unique

One of a kind

Blue-lit fire

Dancing on beige walls

Frightening normality


Find the one

Hurdling over barriers

Bringing forth truth in lies

Hair straightens on arms



So obvious at first glance

Before a spoken word

Run with them

Achieve pure blissful happiness



Look back only to laugh at foolish confused onlookers


They hate you


Enjoy it


Then look at the hand your holding


They love you


Eyes towards the horizon


Never to look back again


– Breelyn Shelkey



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