Does the past weigh heavy

on those feeble shoulders?

“Today is a new day”

do you wake




Or have you let another sun set without seeing its fire.


Do you feel a warm embrace?

Or have hugs become routine

stumbling in a haze

Have you permitted the days

to slip?

vanished splendors

neglected connections

What evil, damp villain has extinguished your fire?


you ARE alive.


So many would give

so much

for one more opportunity

a glance

a word

a touch

These daily occurrences taken for granted.


YOU are alive


Endless opportunities to awaken

Infinite possibilities for exploration

Beautiful people, pending interactions




Some sleep forever and dream of all you have.


you are ALIVE.


– Breelyn Shelkey


2 thoughts on “Stagnant

  1. Paul Larkin

    I saw the headline but they are all the same it is just about spiking the stock market here in there and killing a lot of people

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